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The Sawmill Center, Maitland, 2018 Exhibition

30 Jun 2018 9:27 PM | E Lee Wilson Jr (Administrator)

2018 was a busy year for E. Lee Wilson, Jr.! One of the three major events that occurred during this year was at the Sawmill Center, Maitland Exhibition (Summer, Fall 2018).

The Sawmill Center, a professional building in Maitland, Florida, invited Lee to come back in 2018 for a group public art exhibition. He had previously mounted a solo exhibition there in 2017, which filled all three floors of the building. The new 2018 exhibition began in June of 2018 and continued well into the spring of 2019. The entire third floor featured Lee's work!

Veteran NASA astronaut and accomplished artist Nicole Stott came to the opening of The Sawmill Center exhibition in June, and purchased one of his paintings, which he later delivered to her home (below).

Lee, Nicole Stott, and her husband Chris Stott, with "Cosmos: Voyager I Captures Pale Blue Dot". The painting features an actual meteorite fragment, painted pale blue and embedded into the artwork.

"Cosmos: Portals – Seven Views for Seven Sisters" which incorporates meteorite dust and diamond dust into the painting. 72"H x 39"V.

During an event at the Sawmill Center in October 2018, art collectors, Chris and Tracy decide to purchase "Cosmos: Loving Pluto". They have since added more Cosmos artwork to their growing collection.

Several more paintings were sold as a result of The Sawmill Center exhibition over the course of the show, including to some of the tenants in the building. Thank you to Susanne Sabbatino, the owner of Sawmill, for your patronage and support!

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