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TROPICAL art gallery archive

What makes this art special?

In 2010, after a cruise to seven Caribbean islands, Lee was inspired by the color of the water, the amazing sandy beaches, and the fabulous swaying palms, and he began creating a series of tropical and beach themed artwork.

His passion for the tropical vibe urged him to start collecting seashells and beach sand, which he incorporated into his work with a fresh mixed-media style. Adding the energy of drizzled and splashed paint, in multiple layers, creates very rich textures and a synergy with nature. 

Lee's tropical series has been exhibited in galleries and public art venues throughout Florida, and is in numerous private collections and several Florida resorts.

Corporate and private commissions are accepted, as well as special projects on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, or to purchase a tropical painting from this page, please contact us directly  here  .

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